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  1. lol me too, when BOMT was released I was 18yo! I loved that time!
  2. Album sales are important, but the real money is always come with the concerts/tour and in this case, the vegas residency :britney-agreedlol:
  3. i actually Love Briney Jean, I love seeing these other type of songs, song that have a different feeling, a more uplifting feeling in some of the songs, i also love the fact that not every song lyric is about being out and partying and stuff, its a well balanced album for me. i know number are important in the business, but numbers dont make this album bad at all, for me is about how you connect with the music in a more emotional level and for me she did it with this album with the majority of the songs. Even knowing that the focus right now is Vegas I still want to see more singles and videos from this album, at least 2 more :britney-agreedlol: