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  1. Happy Birthday BritneyEssence!

  2. my english book at high school, like in 2006, had the oops lyrics and the song on the cd, but i lost it
  3. i like katy, she has a cute style and her videos are always amazing! i'd also like a collab with her, something that sounds different
  4. that was perfect!!!! the best bomt breakdown! and that hair flip
  5. omg, so much things that now i feel like i want more!!!!
  6. i knew it! she's feeling great, you can see it in her eyes, and that makes her look so beautiful it's like 2001 again, unless now she's more grown up and mature, i love it!!!!!!!!!!
  7. wow! this interview is amazing, she looked fantastic yesterday in all ways possible. She looks more mature but at the same time so young! When she hugs him at the end, her face is like 100% 2001ney, i can't believe it!!!
  8. i think she's gonna look awesome. look this: GODNEY'S PERFECTION
  9. lately the shows are great, she looks amazing, make up, hair and body. and she has a good attitude with her flawless smile!! i'm so happy
  10. holaa seguro que acabaras encontrando a alguien, siempre hay
  11. i don't think so, britney dowsn't even follow her
  12. my question is... what did she say before start singing alien? the "i'm gona slow things down..." thing or something else?
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