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  1. the first breakdown definitely reminds me of this.... but yeah shes a good dancer
  2. awwww thats so cute I wonder what you would buy her as a present? i mean shes got to have everything she wants right
  3. Britney should arrest him and teach him some manners haha
  4. I know right! it totally should be, i think the worst part about it all what is pretty sad, is the fact that there are such small minded people in this world that will actually back him and get behind all his hate speech and believe that what he is saying is right. But im also glad that in this day and age people are more acceptant and see how stupid things like this are!
  5. I read the article and thats so wrong, i mean its okay to have your beliefs and religions but when you start to shove it other peoples faces and spread hate and propaganda its just wrong. And do straight people not get aids too? i mean i know gay people have a higher chance of catching it if they have unsafe sex but its stupid to think that aids is just exclusive to gay people. people like that make me so annoyed
  6. friends, unfriend them all immediately
  7. Aaaaaahhhhh i love this so much , such a good tour
  8. I obviously hope it happens but i also understand why tweets like that could put someone off her
  9. They are so good very faded and cool and interesting and cool
  10. Pop Princess Britney Just like Britney at her sweetest, you want to make other people happy and you're eagerly pursuing for your dreams. You see the good in people and want to make your relationships work. Best of luck to you!
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