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  1. I'm with you!! I remember when FF came out and my friends dragging me for saying it was one of my favorites from the album.
  2. Yes!! I was watching these instagram videos last night losing it. And she's never done the hairflip at :34. So good. (also, when was it decided to not do coverage threads for the every show anymore? is it just everyone's over las vegas?)
  3. I don't know if people have seen this, but Spotify made a playlist solely comprised of Britney songs called This Is: Britney Spears. https://open.spotify.com/user/spotify/playlist/1EAKDWzG90arHCBP2WrMeg
  4. Happy Birthday sumladfrompa!

  5. 9 years old in 1999 and it's been the best ride growing with her
  6. Feel however you want and need to feel, but I just think it does a huge disservice to Britney and to us as a fanbase to predict that whatever's coming won't do well. I mean, how can we be delusional about something that hasn't happened yet? We don't know if the terms of the Vegas contract were renegotiated for the extension, especially with the decreased amount of shows. We've seen the performances in Vegas this past year and it's obvious homegirl is loving and living on that stage. She seems very much in her element lately. I feel confident from what we've heard so far about the recording process for B9 that we're going to get something special from Brit. But, again, who knows? I'm not delusional by any means (I've been through all the ups and downs since 1998 just like most of you), but I choose to remain optimistic and positive for the future because that just seems like a better use of my time and energy. Let's just wait and see what happens before judging. Let Britney live.
  7. Shame about the lack of videos; looks like a great show! Her energy's been awesome and she, of course, looks amazing.
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