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  1. Someday is so amazing. Sadly, I don't think it's so much forgotten as just unknown by the GP. Reading over the wikipedia page, I was shocked to find that critics gave it negative reviews. WTF?
  2. there's nothing I like about that video, 'cept the fact that Britney is in it. It's by far my least favorite or her videos. That said, I still wouldn't 'dislike' it on Youtube. I'm sure that was just a bunch of haters from stan wars.
  3. not what I was expecting at all. Sorry, but that's way creepy
  4. I'd love for her to perform at an awards show. OP, I don't understand the title of this thread...what do you hate?
  5. I'm A Slave 4 U > Alien Overprotected > Work Bitch Lonely < Perfume I'm Not A Girl Not Yet A Woman > It Should Be Easy Boys > Tik Tik Boom Anticipating > Body Ache I Love Rock N Roll = Til It's Gone Cinderella = Passenger Let Me Be > Chillin' With You Bombastic Love > Don't Cry That's Where You Take Me = Brightest Morning Star When I Found You = Hold On Tight What It's Like To Be Me < Now That I Found You I had to included some ties, so my results came to: Britney = 7 BJ = 2
  6. glad to see I'm not the only one. Madonna 's attempt at 'sexy' comes off as vulgar, and sometimes - epileptic. Britney on the other hand - fire
  7. I can't believe the outfit she associated with Slave ...lol, WTF? the gramma set?
  8. To call FF innovative boggles my mind. Just because she had a little dubstep breakdown in HIAM doesn't make the album innovative. I just can't. Blackout is miles ahead of FF in my opinion. That said, I'm glad that some people appreciate FF - to each their own.
  9. why does performing have to be labeled as paying tribute to oneself? I do think her performance was way too long, but I see no reason why she shouldn't have performed. I'm sorry, but I am so sick of these forum discussions being about cutting down other artists to boost Britney up. Britney doesn't need that shit. She's in a league of her own, regardless of how awesome or lame everybody else around her is.