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  1. Doubt we're getting any new music soon =( But I don't mind it. I want her to take her time and make the next project something she is passionate about rather than getting a rushed, heartless album. ITZ 2.0 please.
  2. Yes!! The Oops tourbook is worth around $50 Now had you gotten the BOMT or any of the DWAD tourbooks, you would have won the lottery, those sell for over $100 on eBay lol!
  3. Wow what an amazing deal! Congrats! The tour book alone is worth like $50. Gonna check out the pics later ^^
  4. I love how she screams BEFORE the water even hits her
  5. J o e y

    Do You Smoke?

    It's the most disgusting habit tbh. I get a headache from the smell alone when i'm around people who smoke, I can't believe people inhale that poison to their lungs. It makes you, your clothes and hair smell like shit too. No thanks, I choose my own destiny.
  6. something looks off, but she is so beautiful
  7. Wow, how embarrassing. Do they really think her stans are stupid, deaf and blind? Why even bother denying it when it's OBVIOUS?
  8. Gaawrl, that title is not good for my heart
  9. J o e y

    Ugly Betty

    I thought this would be an appreciation thread but yes, such a good show to re-watch! I re-watched s1-4 in HD a few months back. Still so good and funny. Wilhelmina is the best villain ever, and Amanda is hilarious
  10. I know right? I've fantasized about it so so many times imagine if all big magazines and tmz, billboard etc. would talk about her lip-synching in Vegas and how Larry and Adam lied when they said she will be singing live at the shows - think of it, they wouldn't have no other option but to respond somehow and hopefully either pre-record the songs or have her sing some of them live at least I mean Godney forever, I have loved her since 1998, but it's embarrassing watching her lip-sync to 15 year old vocals, it's like they're not even trying to cover it up I'd even be happy if her mic was on so she could sing 1-2 lines in each song and throw in a "woo" here and there like she used to do , but i'll stay pressed until something changes
  11. Is it bad that I kinda wished someone would bring up her lip-synching? Maybe it would make her/her team finally realize she needs to either pre-record live vocals or at least sing the ballads live… but bad press is never fun, and they should have focused on the epic gothic breakdown -_-
  12. that bitch should have given the ribbon to britney tbh, she's miss american dream and all
  13. yaaas @ this making it to an emote :iconic2: lmao i'm still laughing tbh
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