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  1. Her team needs to stop. She needs rest, not do pap strolls. Her fans need to get a grip. There is a very real chance that she is mentally unstable. If she were suddenly released from the c-ship, she may not survive it. Calling for an end to the c-ship without knowing her medical situation is irresponsible, If her fans want to help her, get the courts to assign an independent investigator to review her files, speak to her and more. The investigator could determine if she really needs the c-ship or she is being taken advantage of. I hope everything that is happening is in her best interests. I wish her well.
  2. Why has he stepped down from his position? https://www.usmagazine.com/celebrity-news/news/britney-spears-dad-jamie-becomes-sole-conservator-after-lawyer-quits/
  3. Sometimes she smiles with her mouth, but her eyes do not reflect the smile. Sometimes she does not always look like she is present mentally. Of course, people are aware that she has issues so they are paying close attention to her actions. Could it be medication? Could it be that she does not have the heart to keep being a star? Could it be anxiety that is causing it? She generally seems to have improved over the last few years. Maybe she is happier.
  4. When the news first hit, it was just called an illness. Details of what happened were not released until later that afternoon. Please chill. Whether or not it is called a ruptered colon or illness, does not really matter. Jamie is sick. I hope he gets better soon. I hope that Brit is handling her dad's illness as well as she can. It is my speculation that ticket sales were down from articles I have read and what I have seen in the group. I speculate investors were pulling out or talking about pulling out. Maybe her heart was not in it. She did not get excited about the original reveal. Jamie gets sick causing more upheaval in a project that was already lagging. Show gets cancelled. Britney releases a statement saying it was cancelled due to her dad being sick. Time to move on folks. Maybe she will take some much needed time off to focus on her health, her boys, and her extended family including Jamie.
  5. I always believed that Jamie was sick. I am sure she was upset by his illness. There is a slight chance that given her alleged mental state, that she is not able to work. However, they were still doing rehearsals even after he initially got sick. I am not cold hearted or anything. In the music business, shows are cancelled all of the time due to poor ticket sales. Poor ticket sales have been surrounding the show since the "big" reveal. Hundreds of people would be employed with the show. A lot of money would be invested and people would expect returns on the money. Did investors pull the plug? I doubt Jamie's illness is the real reason that show was cancelled. I hope she enjoys her time off. I hope she can spend time with Jamie and Lynn. I hope Jamie makes a full recovery.
  6. I am sure given his age, Jamie was sick. There is a slight possibility that with her illness she could be mentally unable to do the show now. My guess is that this was cancelled due to low ticket sales and her dad's illness is the excuse. She probably needs a long break to enjoy her kids and her extended family.
  7. I would like to think that she is happy and the c-ship is for the best. She could be in a situation that is very bad for her. I really wish an independent team would go through her medical records and meet with her to see if everything that is happening is in her best interest. We may never know what kind of life she leads behind closed doors. I would just like to know for sure that is she being taken care of and not abused.
  8. They added a bonus clue. I was hoping it was RiRi but it sounds more like Brit. I follow BG. They have a fairly good track record. If it is Brit, I wonder how this would be handled by the c-ship. Will she go off her meds?
  9. Trolls are posting pictures of Britney attacking the car with an umbrella and saying it is the Parkland student. It is circulating on conservative conspiracy sites. I hope Britney does not see this.
  10. Anyone can say anything in a magazine article. Is this really true? Is there any legal documents available? Is there any record of a review of the custody agreement?
  11. I tried to search and could not find anything. It is also a situation where she lost custody before the c-ship. She did not have the children under the c-ship. It would make no sense for her to have the right to make legal and medical decisions for her children when she cannot make those decisions herself. I just cannot see a judge awarding her custody rights in that situation. Can anyone find any legal documents allowing this or actual copies of their current agreement? I am really curious.
  12. How is it possible for her to have legal custody of her children when she does not have legal custody of herself? My guess is that Kevin and her dad worked out a generous vsitation agreement outside the courts. The children probably also have a nanny or security guard when they are with her.
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