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  1. Original song. The only way I would want him to collaborate for Glory is by being in a music video. The song would have to be an original.
  2. I've only ever bought the physical copy of the album. Just pre-ordered Glory Deluxe. This will be the first time I get a digital copy and a physical copy.
  3. 352 altogether. She has the most songs of any artist in my entire library. That number includes unreleased, remixes (fanmade and official), her one Christmas song and studio versions. I'm sure I have a couple more unaccounted for. She also has the most lyrics corrected in my iTunes library.
  4. She followed me on October 21, 2010 and I stayed up for an entire 24 hours after I got the email. I had an LG Rumor2 and thought it was just a fan account, but nope it was her. She followed me because I tweeted that I heard "If It Makes You Happy" from the car scene in Crossroads. She's favorited 2 of my tweets within the last year. October 29, I retweeted her tweet with "#Just #LOVE #Me" and tweeted how I couldn't wait to see her show. I didn't get to go, because it flooded bad. She last liked my tweet about Make Me being on my "Obsessed" playlist on Spotify.
  5. @HybridFan3 or anyone else... Streaming / download question: I have a library card and it has access to a website called FreeGal Music. If I download and stream on there will it count as well as everything else? I already downloaded it last week, but if it's going to count I want to use up all my streaming time for Britney. I get 5 max downloads each week and 3 hours of streaming. Thank you. FreeGal Chart: Britney is number 8 in the US and 10 in my local area and number 1 in Top Singles.
  6. As soon as it's available on itunes go to this website: https://bendodson.com/projects/itunes-artwork-finder/ 1. Select "album" 2. Type "Britney Spears" (you may need to modify the search term.) 3. Select your country 4. Click "Get artwork" 5. Click "High Resolution" once you find it. 6. Save to computer and enjoy! This grabs artwork directly from iTunes HI-RES!
  7. Since Crossroads, I followed all the actors' careers. I watched Anson's shows Conviction and Line of Fire. He was also on an episode of Dollhouse with Eliza Dushku. Seen most of Zoe's movies and I've seen Taryn in OITNB. The band Taryn was in with her brother Kellin, Boomkat, also released another album in late 2008/ early 2009. I loved Justin Long in Accepted.
  8. @HolySpearit I watched their other videos and loved them. Thank you again for posting this!
  9. #IWasThere since 1999 World Music Awards AND I DO NOT plan on ever leaving the Britney Army. Can't wait for next Sunday! This is going to be exciting!
  10. I LOVED THIS! The shirt matching the lyrics concept was my favorite! Great find!
  11. I LOVED THIS! So cute. I loved how they used the costumes! Beautiful job! Thank you for posting this!
  12. I'm excited for Britney to perform. I don't really care who they pan to, just as long as it's not during a great choreography part. *crosses fingers* No, Taylor Swift! Please! 😳
  13. I think Britney's being very sneaky. I think they (her and her team) have way more up their sleeve, but I'm going to remain cautiously optimistic. Great find!
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