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  1. Happy Birthday Claudio!

  2. Hey guys, Im half way done with the eyes. But i'm not very proud of it. I think that Ive rushed myself.. so I think I'm goign to start all over again Anyways thanks for all the kind messages Leave a comment for feedback pls! xxx
  3. I know only 1 eye is half done, but I wanted to show you how far I was Hope u like it so far, tell me what u think
  4. Heej , Does anyone has a good HD picture of Britney Spears to draw? I drew this a few months ago, and wanted to draw Britney again Let me know xx
  5. Hee guys! Iv'e got wonderfull news (I think) I can gladly say that the Britney Spears art is done! So here a little preview! IThe art has a Tropical/Cartoon/Happiness/ feeling. Tomorrow, this time I will upload the edited art version! I also want to anounce that i'm going to make a whole collage of Britney Spears. Hope u like this Idea! Follow me @ instagram because there could u see the image in full HD. The picture is not verry verry verry big. I hope that you all will help me and retweet this around the world so Britney could see it. It would be so amazing if she could see it. Hmmm I think I'm going to make a page for the Britney arts.Let me know if u like the idea of it . (Sorry for the bad quality of this picture) My instagram is --> @Claudio_Gaga
  6. Heey guys, I was wondering if anybody is having good HD pictures of Britney, there was also a good HD picture of her Lingerie outtake that wasn't edited at all.
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