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  1. Happy Birthday Shadow!

  2. BOMT: Britney/...Baby OIDIA: Not That Innocent Britney: 4 U ITZ: On The Floor Blackout: Piece Of Me/I Don't Give A F/It's Britney Bitch Circus: Freakshow/Ring Leader FF: Shame On Me BJ: Britney Jean Spears
  3. I think The One would've worked with both of them
  4. I think it's down idk, I tried accessing it earlier but it wouldn't load.
  5. 1. We Belong Together 2. Hero 3. Never Too Far 4. One Sweet Day 5. Bye Bye 6. Thank God I Found You 7. The Art Of Letting Go 9. I Want To Know What Love Is 10. Butterfly 11. Can't Let Go 12. Love Takes Time What are y'all's rankings for Britney & any other artist's you stan for?
  6. Browsing rn to see if there's anything I might want to buy. I was thinking of a dress but I've seen some cute stuff so far though.
  7. Me Against The Music vs. Gimme More (I Got That) Boom Boom vs. Piece Of Me Showdown vs. Radar Breathe On Me vs. Break The Ice Early Mornin' vs. Heaven On Earth Toxic vs. Get Naked (I Got A Plan) Outrageous vs. Freakshow Touch Of My Hand vs. Toy Soldier The Hook Up vs. Hot As Ice Shadow vs Ooh Ooh Baby Brave New Girl vs. Perfect Lover Everytime vs. Why Should I Be Sad? The Answer vs. Outta This World Don't Hang Up vs. Everybody vs Get Back Itz: 5 Blackout: 9
  8. Unbroken vs. Autumn Goodbye
  9. Gm use to be my fav Britney song but after overplaying it I think it's a little meh.
  10. Too lazy to write a review so I'll just only rate them GM: 7-8/10 POM: 9/10 Radar: 10/10 BTI: 9/10 HOE: 10/10 GN: 10/10 TS: 10/10 HAI: 8/10 PL: 7-8/10 OOB: 7-8/10 Freakshow: 10/10 WSIBS: 10/10 OTW: 100/10
  11. Marry: Drake Fuck: JT Kill: Zac Efron even though I'd rather marry him if I could <|3 Gwen Stefani Fergie Miley Cyrus
  12. Marry: Xtina 2002 Fuck: Ryan Gosling Kill: The other one Chris Brown Adam Sandler Sam Lutifi
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