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  1. e_Furor


    It's premiering on the Elvis Duran morning show
  2. e_Furor


    Just announced they will be airing the song in the morning
  3. Poor Strawberry, the amount of stalking and comments on her IG from fans is going to be insane
  4. http://justin-timberlake-to-headline-new-5000-seat-monte/ Its funny how everyone was talking smack during the beginning stages of 'piece of me' residency saying Vegas is where people go to retire; now everyone wants a piece of that pie! They just need to leave Vegas alone
  5. Britney Spears 2016 Billboard Music Awards Behind The Scenes I cannot believe they only had 3 days!
  6. http://www.people.com/article/jamie-lynn-spears-tlc-special-sneak-peek?xid=socialflow_twitter_peoplemag It's heart-warming how close all 3 of them are ❤