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  1. it's too soon for another residency. like i don't ever wanna see her performing work bitch again for at least 10 years
  2. Sorry but all these without-Myah edits sound like Britney is singing from the after life
  3. The tour sold so well she didn't need a buzz single to support it. I'm happy she didn't, because it would have been rushed and she wouldn't have made much promo considering she was busy with POM. Now it's time for her to enjoy her vacation, and maybe by the end of the year we'll have something
  4. They included the october date in the Tour t-shirt i bought in the concert, so I guess there's one more to go pd: thanks for the compilation, can't believe we've been watching POM clips for almost 5 years
  5. It was amazing! The show doesn't give you a break, even the interludes. She was on fire and her moves were on point. Of course there are parts that could use better choreo, but her energy and her stage presence makes up for it. My favourite performance was Oops, the backdrop is stunning and her moves are really really sexy. And btw, Stronger and Crazy were amazing too, the crowd went literally crazy with those two songs. The only thing I didn't like was that she didn't perform Slumber Party. Ohh, and she looks so cute and tiny on stage
  6. It was my first time seeing her and I had a blast. I was super tired because I had to take a 4-hour flight from Spain to London, and it was raining like crazy on Sunday so I was drenched when I got to the arena (I literally had to dry my shoes in the hand drying thing they have in the restroom). But the show is AMAZING! I got good seats, only the VIP section in front of me and since I wasn't on the floor but on the grandstand, I could see her perfectly. It was her third night in London and yet it was completely sold out. I went to the show on my own and two girls that were next to me told me I must be a true fan. I even got a T-shirt in the merch store because I saw a lot of people wearing them and I got so jealous lol She killed it! And so did Pitbull. And he said such kind words about Britney, her impact on the music industry and how she stayed strong when everyone else was giving her shit I posted some videos on my instagram, if you want to take a look
  7. People know she doesn't sing live, they know she doesn't dance like she used to, and they know she doesn't look like she did in her prime. But they still pay top money to see her in concert and I don't see absolutely anyone complaining about the show. Only haters and journalists that don't really understand what a Britney show is about. The show had a rough start in 2013 (choreography, energy, outfits, wigs...), but she's come a long way since then.
  8. She could add Coupure Électrique to the show and do a yoga number for it tbh
  9. ok, but who's gonna sue will.i.am for producing a weak-ass 2011 album and release it in 2013/2014 as if no one would notice? WHOOOO?