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black shadow

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  1. Happy Birthday black shadow!

  2. Oh God.. I remember watching this on MTV when it aired... ahhh.. those days..I feel so old now
  3. Sorry but I love Britney Jean .. it's not a failure for me.. Sure it didn't sell as much as her previous albums but I guess Britney is satisfied with this...It's for her loyal fans so for me, 100k+ in the US alone, bought by loyal fans, is not that bad. :cutesmile:
  4. Perfect!! SHOWDOWN ,one of my faves!! And when you hold me in your arms You make me whole
  5. Happy Birthday ..Baby One More Time the album that started it all.. Can't believe it's been 15 years.. I feel so old Thank you Britney for inspiring us all these years.. Love you forever
  6. I've been watching this for so many times now.. She looked sooo beautiful! and soo cute without trying.. Aaaahhh! I love you Brit!
  7. BLUR I'm reaching out to you To find that you're not there