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  1. Is it possible that it was taped during an ad-break and they'll drop it in later on, where it fits in the show? She probably opted to get the award ASAP, so she can leave...
  2. Happy Birthday Z-dawg!

  3. Oooh yeah never though about Taylor Momsen from The Pretty Reckless... Hmmmm... And yeah it totes could be a French singer... I guess we'll never know... It's just, the whole thing at first glance made me think of a certain photoshoot of Britney's, BUT I STILL CAN'T THINK OF WHICH ONE! Haha! Never mind, one day... Lol!
  4. I know push up bras were all the rage in the 90's, but the look Rihanna tries to pull off is just uncomfortable even to look at. Britney on the other hand stayed sexy and cool without trying to re-invent a new way to be controversial!
  5. To cut a long story short I recently took my wife on a surprise trip to Paris (Yes it was awesome ) and when we visited the Sacra Coeur, on the way up the millions of stairs, I spotted this sprayed onto an old building's wall! I wondered if it's supposed to be Britney, but some of the features aren't that accurate (after all it's sprayed from a can) or it's supposed to be someone else, say Shakira or the likes... What do you reckons guys? BTW first post here, liking the chilled atmosphere