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  1. @IamLaTavia better than Beyoncé

  2. @motherfuckinmos give it a rest, man. ?

  3. RT @stoowii: @hisillusion oh hi. And no discount. Poor dat https://t.co/pH0et2qfWb

  4. @motherfuckinmos has no use from this app either

  5. When @ladygaga's new music starts playing on the radio #Joanne https://t.co/VzqCn60AgK

  6. @fatafterflop @rihanna @ladygaga I was talking about the Super Bowl gig ?

  7. @MadonnaLoveDale she's nominated at the #AMAs imbecile

  8. @motherfuckinmos yet you listened to the Fad snippets first *spits*

  9. @LabOfMonsters God bless

  10. ?? https://t.co/oSnMSmuAUd

  11. RT @LadyLunalesca: I have a public service announcement to all my Little Monster Mutuals. Please heed my words: https://t.co/vqnBaQnxlA

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