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  1. http://amp1037.cbslocal.com/2017/01/20/britney-spears-talks-about-new-boyfriend-in-first-interview-with-fast-in-the-morning/ Radio interview here. The interview above is an excerpt from the radio interview.
  2. Reminds me of this guy in Make Me video...
  3. I would gladly hear more songs from Glory sessions. Also I wish they re-released BJ and made it be all that what the album wasn't. I am sure that there were beautiful songs from the BJ sessions, but we all know will.i.am's taste lately. Someone else should have been assisting will.i.am with the re-release.
  4. I live for the time Everytime gets certified. Everytime is so beautiful and totally deserves that.
  5. Yes, without Sam there would be no B10. Sam is the God of Britney and her biggest muse. Together they will make best, biggest and the most artsy-fartsy album of her career.
  6. Pretty Girls as the song in some way is like Britney's Bitch I'm Madonna. They are both kind of light fun songs and they both can disturb the audience in some way or another with being somewhat over the top, be that in one way or another. Don't believe me that Pretty Girls disturbs the audience? I believe that there were some kind of polls and ratings about it.
  7. We could only hope that if Britney had more control over her career that maybe she would know how to make it work and I am sure that she could be an innovator, the out-of-the-box thinker for once more but... The question is, does she even want to continue? Only she knows! This is to go with the theory that her team sees - their efforts have bore no decent fruit and they would just let Britney do her thing. But I seriously think that then there would be more interest, more joy and more fruitful soil for Britney, if she had it all in her hands. Maybe that would be one of the best ways. Scary for example, written by Britney, would be such a good single when remixed in a better way and with a good video.
  8. Awww, I can totally feel the big and open hearts in this picture
  9. Where are you now TBH almost everything of it - musically and lyrically The only difference - it would be the perfect case if this song was meant to talk about the relationship with oneself.. But for me it is somewhat compatible, about losing myself, longing for my childhood spark etc. Calling out your name Your face is everywhere I'm reaching out to you To find that you're not there I wake up every night To see the state I'm in It's like an endless fight I never seem to win Odd, I know? But for me makes perfect sense. Not trying to be deep or original Just the first thing that came to mind.
  10. You know the Britney's last Instagram post? She didn't post it for no reason hun.
  11. I think it could never be about Charlie, it is just too obvious for that.
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