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  1. Hahaha they have to know real music haha they listen too much of generic pop music, you know, the queen has to step in. when i play britney, they have no choice but to listen unyil the CD is done haha
  2. I didnt know that! Thank you so much this will help a lot
  3. Yeah I was looking forward for a full perf featuring Ombremey or Shorthairney. Does someone know a link?
  4. So I've always had my family watch any Britney show I watch on TV and over the internet. And currently I am using an Ipad to watch some Britney stuff. (every new year ir christmas I play FFT or GH:MP) So last night, I was playing I Am Britney Jean using my iPad and I think I really had my Brother interested so I was trying to look for a full piece of me show on youtube that had the best dancing, unfortunately, it seems most of the good videos are restricted on mobile devices and still unplayable even if I press on the "desktop" option. So this is the part where I need your help, If you happen to have a link to a full piece of me show where britney is really killing it, I'd really appreciate if you share it hehe I'm in asia so there's really no way I'll see it live. It may be in youtube or any website, it doesn't matter, i just want my family to see how brit brit is slaying now Thanks
  5. i think the Stronger performance in AMA is good.... i think Toxic live in NRJ is better if you consider Gimme More in 2007 VMA as the only BO promotion then you have to show that, but if you really want to show something, Gimme More in the FFT is the best, or the one in vegas (though I know you didn't want tour performances) there are no other great TV performances during FF but at least try TTWE in GMA well, I guess you have no choice but show Work B**ch in vegs
  6. NOT ALONE NOT ALONE NOT ALONE haha i'm glad i'm not alone... better remove do something and insert mannequin yes please! HIAM and IUSA!!!!!!! replace freakshow with IUSA! hahahahahaha i almost cried seeing this video the first time. for me, this marked her resurrection in the industry for me (besides womanizer)...
  7. ... who wants to see this live? I was so thrilled when I first saw this years ago.... seeing the camera man now makes me think, is this supposed to be in For The Record? O_O #MannequinForVegas
  8. you're nothing but a WOMANIZER