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  1. I actually wanna hear this without auto tune! I think you'd sound sexy.
  2. I wanna hear other people's thoughts! Top ten favorite things about Brit?
  3. 1.) The songs she's written are absolutely flawless. 2.) Her pursed lips are like signature now. 3.) She doesn't talk shit... ABOUT ANYONE! 4.) She continues to remain true to herself. 5.) She loves kids! 6.) We all would give an arm or leg to spend just 24 hours with her. 7.) She has the cutest mannerisms. 8.) She took all that negative energy from 2007, and created one of the most iconic albums of her career. 9.) Her hair flips. Like when will your faves. 10.) She's Godney. If you disagree with any of these, well
  4. I LOVE THIS! If it was a bit more stable it would've been perfect, but otherwise I love it!!
  5. Flopfan confession, hmmm: My friend and I were in the car on the way to Los Angeles a few months ago, and he turned on "Bombastic Love" & I couldn't remember the words. At all. And he was jamming. I felt so embarrassed, I hadn't listened to the song in full in years.
  6. I loved the 2013 interviews! But I don't get the same feeling as back in 01-03. Or anything prior to 2007. And like I said, I understand the reasoning. But let's not get negative and attacking just when people are stating their mind in a logical way. Cause that is the real me, honayyy.
  7. Especially ones involving Justin, make me tear up a bit. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w_uWfTnndvk It's crazy how much her personality has changed. She used to be so young and full of life, now she can barely keep a conversation. Scary to think how the media can really take a toll on someone. 2007 really fucked her up. It truly makes me sad. I still love the fact that she makes music, and I will be really sad by the time this day comes, but I hope she gets out of this business so she can live the life she truly wants as a mom, a wife, and a free person.
  8. I would love to see them! I have yet to see any..
  9. I haven't seen any HQ fan pictures from Vegas. Just iPhone pictures & Instagram. Are cameras not allowed inside the venue?
  10. I'm talking one interview within the past year(s) that she most resembles herself the way she did back in 2003. When she was goofy, comfortable, happy, etc. Where we see Brit's true smiles and everything. What do you guys think?
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