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  1. This post was made a few days before a new survey was added. They removed SP from the new survey because it left the top 30 on CHR pop radio.
  2. This is our last chance to save Slumber Party! It took 2 months for it to actually be on the surveys. We can turn it into a hit!
  3. Slumber Party is finally on the RateTheMusic website! Radio stations use this site to decide which songs to play more! We can make a huge impact with this rating method! We can even get Slumber Party to #1; Let’s do this! We used this method for I Wanna Go and that song hit #1 on Pop radio! Join now: [Hidden Content] Rate #SlumberParty This Way: Here are the full instructions:
  4. Official My Only Wish (This Year) Radio Request Campaign Thread Strategical radio stations (Very Important!) Instructions: If a station has added My Only Wish, click the checkbox next to the song title. Add your name, email, city, etc. If a station hasn't added My Only Wish, please do the following: Make sure you fill out your name, email and code at the bottom, as shown here: Hybrid's top 12 pop station links: (the first 5 links never change. Please request on all 12 links daily) (additional stations that add the song may be added to this list) [*]Z100 (New York, NY 10001) [*]102.7 KIIS-FM (Los Angeles, CA 90009) Hot995 WIHT FM Washington D.C. [Hidden Content] KMGL FM (Added!) [Hidden Content] KMFB FM [Hidden Content] KRBE FM Houston, Texas: [Hidden Content] WKSE FM Buffalo, NY: [Hidden Content] KKRZ FM Portland, Oregon: [Hidden Content] WKSC FM Chicago: [Hidden Content] WBBM FM B96 Chicago: [Hidden Content] KWNW Memphis [Hidden Content] WAEV FM Savannah, Georgia: [Hidden Content] *Please Make Sure To Request On All Of These Links* *If you need any assistance in requesting My Only Wish (This Year), please post in this thread or send a message! Request My Only Wish (This Year) on these stations. WIHT FM Hot 995 [Hidden Content] Text them to: 99338 KRBE: [Hidden Content] Text: 37530 Z100: [Hidden Content] Text: 55100 Tweet something like: Hi, can you please play Britney Spears "My Only Wish (This Year)"? Thanks Customize it as you please.
  5. Official #SlumberParty Streaming Thread! Vevo/YouTube (If you're located overseas, please get a U.S. IP Address so every play can count on the Billboard Hot 100; try using a VPN or Proxy set to the U.S.) *Get the Opera browser for a free VPN* Apple Music: Leave it playing in the background! Spotify: Stream it all day and all night! *Stream on multiple devices if you can: phone, tablet, PC, laptop* Please stream #SlumberParty on these major streaming services: Apple Music/iTunes: Click Here Spotify: Click Here Google Play: Click here If you have any suggestions, feel free to post them in this thread!
  6. It is an amazing video + song tbh! I miss Max Martin and Billboard. Producer Billboard did that epic dubstep breakdown that brought that genre to the mainstream (Britney's own idea!)
  7. They were doing a compilation 90s/early 2000s sort of cover mashup. They also covered the Spice Girls. But Joe Jonas looked really happy while covering Oops.