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  1. Happy Birthday myloneliNESS!

  2. Actually I made a mistake... I posted it on my own wall... deleted the original Post and this link is now it.... do u think this changes the changes!!! https://twitter.com/nabilsalim16/status/494039313597087744/photo/1 would appreciate retweets and favorites! thank you!
  3. I know this isn't completely related to Britney per se but hear me out. I made this sketch a while ago, which some of you may have seen on Exhale (sorry, if I'm not supposed to name it or something). I recently had the nerve to upload it on twitter and tweet the picture, by tagging her! so I wanted to know and well sort of hoping, do you think there's any chance of her (or her team) seing the sketch? or commenting about what they think about it? If anyone wants to take a look, here's the tweet. https://twitter.com/nabilsalim16/status/494021055187812352/photo/1
  4. .... I like Ariana! "real performers"? I don't think they've announced all the people performing yet have they?
  5. Piece of me! Piece of me vs Break the Ice
  6. hahahaha I do.... but to be honest... I perfer overprotected over it but someone else already posted shhh its a secret
  7. hahaha I did... but by the time I did, it didn't worl... but we did answer.... you see the song that continues in the next challenge... meaning I chose baby one more time... its been winning so far... everyone chose it
  8. Baby One More Time vs If U Seek Amy
  9. defintely agree wtih this statement! haven't been attacked once here! unlike the "other" place
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