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  1. It makes sense. She doesn't seem to be leaving Vegas so a world tour for glory is most likely never happening. And she doesn't do many tv appearances anymore. Soooo her recording more often and having a follow up next year sounds good to me
  2. I'm kinda hoping that if she continues with this for a long time that they will totally change the show. It will need a complete overhaul soon.
  3. This is stupid. He only did it because he knew he would get a weird reaction from her. I wonder if it's still an actual interview and he stops freaking her out.
  4. Matthius


    cant wait for the official release tonight =) loving this song so much, private show is growing on me, still love make me and the snippet of just love me is awesome =)
  5. i hope its this one cause i'm not here for ty dolla and cashmere features. but missy elliot is good with me.
  6. Work bitch had such an amazing storyline... Oh wait it didn't lol its a fake excuse for a lame video that will be forgotten like perfume.
  7. I highly doubt it. Either they are too scared of legal trouble or they are high on the fact that they have it and we don't.
  8. Once and never again. I only watched perfume once as well. There's really no reason to watch it again. I really hope the album is good. I'm starting to like private show
  9. Exactly... I'm sorry but you have creative difference on set not after two days of filming and finishing the music video..... I really think it's her father doing this.
  10. The video hasn't even hit 500,000 views yet. It's just ridiculous. I doubt we will see a second single if this album doesn't even do 50k in its first week. Which I see happening.
  11. i hope its better than wb, but when wb the single was released it had more promo than this. hopefully she gets on some shows soon and promotes this.
  12. i really hope its the end of this week. the song needs a bump in sales asap
  13. i think the performance was amazing and we know britney, she doesnt like to stick around. so she performed and probably left lol
  14. i think she might do a little more than her POM shows but it could be 50/50. Its television and alot more people will see it than 2500 people at her shows. i think her energy was def up at her performance last year because it was on tv.