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  1. The one I see hard to find, would be a version of Circus with all the bonsu tracks. That doesn't exist.
  2. That was one of the best dates of POM 1.0, indeed. You were truly lucky to witness it. Also, nice shot of Lakey's ass, I might save it for later...
  3. They weren't removed. They are still there. Listen with headphones. They are really low.
  4. Sorry, I don't have it since it's not mine like they already told you.
  5. It's real. She sing a lot of parts live! I dunno if this was shared before, but bear with me.
  6. Deep In My Heart Autumn Goodbye I Got It All Girl in the Mirror I Run Away Before the Goodbye I've Just Begun (Having my fun) [IT WAS FIRST ON IN THE ZONE BONUS TRACKS!] Phonography Amnesia Rock Me In Quicksand Trouble Up N Down He About to Lose Me Selfish Hold on Tight Now That I Found You Brightest Morning Star Liar Mood Ring
  7. Sorry, but I will HUNT THE F*** DOWN FOR WHOEVER VOTED FOR DGKOMD! All right, much better. Seriously tho, maybe Dear Diary, but I like all of the songs honestly.
  8. Well, I supposed it was exactly because of that, but I think we were saying that just because it's kinda annoying. IMO, one woud think, as I already said, that they wouldn't need it anymore after all these years.
  9. Yeah, but one would thinks that it's not longer necessary after 5 years. (Not counting the Revamp of course)
  10. Love the band, but HATE the guy that yells 1, 2, 3! all the effing time. Can't wait for the Studio Versions based on this.
  11. It's only gonna be Work Bitch and Toxic (yeah, no Glory songs). At least they will not see the new awful Piece of Me break, or the Gothic Medley new break.
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