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  1. You are not the only one, sweetie, I'm 99% of the time singing the 'aaaah'/saying work bitch/thinking 'work work work'... When I'm studying I'm like, I have to work bitch/I better work bitch, when i'm gonna do an exam, i'm like ok i gotta work bitch... Then when i'm doing something serious i'm like 'work work work work work'... I think I need a doctor
  2. TTWE, HIAM, Work Bitch deserve a grammy, i'm not gonna speak about previous song cause I'll probably say almost every single from past albums deserve one.
  3. Break The Ice: Make You Feel (Hot) Do Somethin': Lookin' At Me. If U Seek Amy: F.U.C.K. Me It Should Be Easy: Love. Up N' Down: Down N' Up (idk why but it makes more sense to me that way).
  4. I'd love to see her there, at least in the public, but it probably isn't happening...
  5. Beyonwho??? Britney slays her existence tbh.
  6. The Intimate collection has all the promo Britney Jean didn't
  7. Flawless song i think it's my favorite from blackout
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