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  1. It's her....I think she and her Dad were out to dinner or he was accompanying her to an event......the c-ship was fairly new at the time.
  2. I agree...she and Jason looked very much in love during that time as well.
  3. I miss badassney, but I do not miss those times......she probably was embarrassed later on about that whole situation.
  4. So many spelling errors in this article......be nice if it was true.......honestly, I think Britney, if she decides to actually retire, will do these sorts of projects; soundtracks and featured spots.
  5. About a week ago, I was eating in a Bob Evans restaurant and Alien came on......one of the mangers there is a huge Britney fan (I went to college with him).
  6. She literally sounded liked like she just woke up from a nap..........if I am not mistaken, I think Sam hunted her down in her house.........could have been another interview from that nightmare era too.
  7. The FF era was the first (and sadly only) time I got to see Britney in concert......had a blast (my husband surprised me with tickets). I do wish I could have seen her during the later tours of the Circus era as well. It was a good era, though I felt Circus was slightly better (album wise, I feel FF is more flawless) IMO.
  8. I think it is mainly because she was trashed so hard in 2007......not gonna lie....I was disappointed with her performance......it was just a mess. She is scared and you can tell that she has lost confidence in performing.......she is gaining it back, slowly, IMO. And you are right, even if she did perform, certain fans would pick her apart.
  9. Sliver top and pants.....first thing I think about when I hear BTMYH.
  10. You know....HOE is the one song I skip on Blackout........just never felt it......it is a good song though......I figured she would have picked Get Naked, Break the Ice, or something like that for fav.......her prerogative I guess!!
  11. She just seem so sad and lost in that 2007 interview......the Britney Blowout left a lot to be desired.
  12. That is why I don't like the 2007 call-in because Sam was there.....it was just sad. She seemed "very anxious" during the FF era..she also seemed to be sick in many of the interviews.
  13. The worst was probably the "phone in" interview to Ryan Seacrest in 2007......she sounded so out of it. Her best interviews were from the ITZ era and I also enjoyed some of her recent interviews about Vegas....she seemed a bit more relaxed.
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