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  1. I am glad I have this forum to go to; you guys make much more sense, and see reason.
  2. I do like that she is driving, and having a good time with Sam. Security apparently was in a vehicle behind them.
  3. I saw on LFB that Britney agreed to let Jodi stay for the time being. Not sure what I think about that.
  4. I thought Britney didn’t run her own social media, so why are they cheering for this?
  5. I am hoping when all is said and done, Britney herself slaps Sam with another RO; I really hope she does not let him back around her.
  6. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.yahoo.com/amphtml/entertainment/britney-spears-manager-resigns-letter-040131114.html
  7. Her family especially makes me mad in all of this; I get Jamie being an ass, but her Mom and siblings couldn’t do a thing to help her?? And I don’t buy this Lynn is scared of Jamie stuff; she could have intervened a long time ago if she wanted to; she could have gotten protection from Jamie if she was that scared. Britney just needs to forget them, and her team for good; they see her as a cash cow, not a human being. That being said, I really hope Sam Lufti leaves her alone and doesn’t try to worm his way back in if the c-ship completely ends. To me, he, Ali, and others were just hanger ons, taking advantage of someone that was, and still is going through a true rough patch. I really hope Britney does not fall for people’s false BS anymore, and surrounds herself with people who are best for her. But, damn, she has had some truly crappy people in her life.
  8. I think it will be a while before music is a concern; when the c-ship ends, I do see her getting married and having a baby; I also see her doing some things in the mean time to keep her name out there; more perfumes, probably a clothing line, featured artist on songs, etc. But she isn’t gonna do jack as things stand right now, and I don’t blame her one bit.
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