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GimmeOnyx last won the day on February 7 2015

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    The night is still young to be seduced...
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    Love catching up on my shows including PLL, VD, OTH, Revenge (as of late), Once Upon a Time and more
    Listening to ITZ like it came out just yesterday
    Reading-YA, fantasy, etc.
    Playing with my dogs
    Riding bikes in the warm summer weather


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  1. I keep trying to reply to your message and Uni keeps refreshing my page or displaying error. Gonna...lose...my mind -.-

    1. BritsBaby95


      aw.... that's bad :( it's ok i know you're at least alive :hug:

  2. Happy Birthday GimmeOnyx!

  3. Love 2 Love U ;*

  4. Your new background makes ur page look so artsy fartsy :P

    1. BritsBaby95


      haha :lolll: i think i haven't tell you the fact that i belive in god&angels? :)

  5. This is me virtually poking you. I couldn't find the button but still wanted to so *shrug* lol

    1. TheCharmedTributes1


      And this is me virtually poking you back. :D

      Fingerfun :P

    2. GimmeOnyx


      FINGER FUN!!!! HAHAHAHAHA :gloria:

  6. I freaking love your avi everytime i see it! Just felt like sharing that :P lol

    1. Mr.Photographer


      lol thank you :) i love it too

  7. Woah you changed ur avi :umomg:

    1. ▲▼▲BlackoutZone▲▼▲


      ikr :gloria: For the first time! I used allure since june 2014 tbh :P

    2. GimmeOnyx


      Seriously, it's how I knew it was you. Or that TonyFan guy but you foremost lol

  8. I know poking doesn't do anything but i felt like doing it XD lol

    1. Mr American Dream

      Mr American Dream

      Heh. Pinch yourself from me :P instead of poking lol

  9. I like your Oops background ;)

  10. Dead at your profile pic Sebastien. Btw, totally feeling your classic version of Alien :oya:

    1. WoodWard


      I have change it ;) And Thank you :P

    2. GimmeOnyx


      Aw I liked it. I didn't mean for you to change it :gloria: But your new one is very nice ;) That was a great photoshoot for her

  11. Your "about me" section is so cute. I feel like it's a modern version of pics that you used to cut out of magazines and put on your wall lol. So Britney-rific ;)

    1. Nelli Gaidai

      Nelli Gaidai

      awwww that is soo sweet. thank u sooo much!! its a little unorganized cuz it takes forever to load LOL but its a mini collection of my favorite brit things. i also been a fan for forever so lol

    2. GimmeOnyx


      Haha yeah. I noticed that you like a lot of older/primeney Brit stuff between what I've seen on your page and tumblr account. I'm nostalgic for classic Britney stuff too since I've been a fan since BOMT came out. BTW I'm dead at you changing your name to "yep I'm fab" :orangu::lol4:

  12. Mariah looks so gorge in ur Through the Rain sig :omg: I dig it :crazysmile:

    1. blackoutbaby09


      You're so nice!! :crying1: Thank you, love~ :hug: