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  1. ask me here about trade, stems, i dont know, just ask me something
  2. Click Here Work B**ch (Acapella) Outrageous (Drum Stem I) Scream & Shout (Clap Stem) Piece Of Me (Uknown Stem I) Womanizer (Drums Stem) Everytime (Unknown Stem I) *If you know that its the instrument of the "Unknown Stems" please tell me *If you want to trade send me a email [email protected]
  3. www.takethebaitney.tumblr.com/tradelist
  4. can someone wants to trade? my trade list: www.takethebaitney.tumblr.com/tradelist send me a email on [email protected] to trade
  5. hi, i'm new on universe i'm the same from tumblr and twitter (http://twitter.com/takethebaitney) (http://takethebaitney.tumblr.com/) and this is my trade list: (http://takethebaitney.tumblr.com/tradelist) if you want to trade send me a email on [email protected] follow me on tumblr and twitter babe *if you see "unknown stem" it's because i don't know what instrument is that
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