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  1. I like him. He's a big hit in the UK. Also, if you're not a big fan of Britney or pop music then I can see where he's coming from. if I heard an announcement from Black Veil Brides or Madonna about their Vegas Residencies then I would say the same thing
  2. She needs to get off her ass. Sorry Britney, but this is ridiculous now. Get off your ass and promote or don't release music. It's cruel
  3. Great plan... I'm gonna get my dusty laminator out and print make me posters to hang around my town. I'm gonna use sticky tack to hang them up in my local mall, children's parks, supermarket and Starbucks. I'm doing my own tour of my Folkestone town
  4. I like it!! MM definitely should have been a faster song anyway
  5. She sold nearly a million records in one year without any promo or an album?! Just PG?! How the hell did that happen
  6. I think they're both about the perfume... The first night will be the commercial debut and a little bit of talking with Britney... They second night will be extended interview with behind the scenes
  7. People forget that Britneys team is the same one that has been with her since 1996... Larry was with her throughout her whole career up until 2008, then Adam Leber took over as her main manager and Larry was there for main events only. She and Larry are good friends. People often forget that they are professionals who are highly skilled at what they do. They know what they are doing
  8. It is... I'm getting a bit bored of the sexy dominatrix high budget videos... Videos with meaning like criminal are what I want to see. Or iconic masterpieces like Toxic, Womanizer, etc...
  9. Same... I've been waiting since September 2014 when she gave the Intimate Collections interviews and said that she was 'slowly but surely' working on new material. Im pretty sure that my emotions and love for Britney is becoming numb. I'm getting bored
  10. That's the one from the MMO video... Just with fishnets added
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