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  1. I hope they really promote the first single. Like WW promo, I need a huge single tbh
  2. From what I heard, he got into Danny's account and deleted most members. Jawni had to restore the forum, which made him lose like 30+ members, I doubt he would lie to risk losing his members
  3. New producers? I'm excited You will, trust me it's after the show were your question your life
  4. Jordan is an idiot. He should have never hacked SEOUL but being the immature person he is, he did and this was Gabe, Danny and Jawni's retaliation. I like this place, but it's going to take me time to get used to it. It's like all over the place
  5. Hey Pennyyyy I can't keep up with Exhale anymore, so I thought I might as well just make an account here Omg wow this is the best thing i've heard today - So I will be getting MM and this new material?
  6. Wait, new music has been confirmed? Hey, at least you're losing your tour virginity to an amazing show
  7. Yes I'm going, although much more longer away than yours. February 2015! Excited for you! Will this be your first time seeing the boys?
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