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  1. Happy Birthday wiloconyx!

  2. FINAL SCORE: 85% You're a slave to Britney, super fan. Congrats on a seriously impressive score!
  3. I do love alot Remixes but i think the Tonal remix of Womanizer is one of my faves!
  4. Here in The Netherlands most people are done with Britney The media doesn't talk much about Britney, but IF they do it's not positive! Sometimes people ask me if she's still making music. Her music isn't popular here anymore so most people didn't know about the Britney Jean album. And STILL people are talking about the shaving head thing, drugs and all those shit! It's years ago but people can't stop talk about it
  5. I really love Kylie and i've seen her live 2 times but Kylie + Britney together? I just don't see it! I don't think so
  6. yes i have a picture in my topic about my arm signing
  7. Thank you! I know you will see her one day! I've seen her 5 times already but this was the first time she actually touched me! Now i only want to take a picture with her someday and then i can die happy!!! but i have a picture where she is touching my hand so it's something LOL
  8. no i don't see it lol but the fact she wrote it is enough to me
  9. So i already posted the video where she signed my arm (YAAAYYYYY!!!!) Here it is for the people who missed it : But i also have a few really nice pictures (Screencaps of the video) that i would like to share!
  10. here is a picture of the official autograph and my tattoo I know it's like the worst tattoo ever cuz Britney signed it so fast but for me it's something really special that i will remember for the rest of my life. so i'm pretty happy with this tattoo
  11. Its done Im online with my phone now so I can't upload a pic, but I will when I get home
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