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  1. DAYUM. Okay...why wasn't this on the standard version?
  2. Whoop can't wait for the album booklet scans and the outtakes and the bonus tracks Bout to be LIT in this mutha
  3. @Matilda so glad to see your username around hope you're doing well!
  4. I was afraid that was what would happen smh Oh well on to the next thing
  5. Now I got the song in my head smh Maybe I can find something to replace it...
  6. Baby making music tbh And I am here for it
  7. Yikes. I am wondering if it IS true, why release the info? The way I understand it, these things (blinds I mean) are sometimes pre-arranged with a celeb's team in a sort of calculated way to craft a narrative....but this - IF it's even Britney at all, which we have to take with a grain of salt - is clearly not going to help her... What's the angle? B But then again I may be thinking too much on this.
  8. For that price homegurl better make me waffles each meal a day for six months. Or something.
  9. So she dropped in on a game night? I wonder what they were playing (no seriously I am for real). Judging from the smiles it definitely wasn't spades.
  10. Given their track record, I am wary of who Lifetime would pick to play Britney tbh. So they can have a stadium of seats if they want to make a Britney biopic (even if it's sometime in the far off future). I would be here for a theatrical release tho In short: major studio >>>>>>>>>> your mama's home videos >>>>>>> lifetime