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  1. I'm starting to believe its Britney not her team that is picking out these men. I think she desperately seeking to find true love. And I don't blame her. I think she's on a hunt, and I think for a while she thinks she may be with the one and then she looks for someone else. I honestly believe she talking to someone else before she leaves another.
  2. somehow I think she was interested in Harry while she was with Charlie. I think her/her team knew Charlie wasn't going to be able to be with her if she extended her contract so they were already waiting for them to split.
  3. So how long do yall think her and Harry have been talking? I'm looking on his Instagram ( I know I'm a stalker) and he spends a lot of time in Malibu and I noticed so has Britney. I'm sure she has heard of him for a while maybe even her early 20s. But Cade for sure introduced them.
  4. I followed Charlie on Instagram and he added Lindsey as a friend a before Brit and him announced split and I said to myself I bet they will get together.
  5. http://pagesix.com/2015/09/14/lindsey-vonn-moves-on-from-tiger-with-britney-spears-ex/. I think he either became interested in Vonn while him and Britney were dating.
  6. Edan Is there. I'm so happy she can enjoy herself.
  7. Cause if she was focused on Charlie she more than likely was focused on starting a family. That would sway her decision. But in this case I think Charlie wants to be like his dad in that he wants success and starting a family now would be hard. His mom did and she said it was tough because Dick, Charlie's father was not around. I have all idea Charlie wasn't ready because he knows how it would be. I think he would be okay with Brit in Vegas and going back and forth to see her.
  8. But after reading she may not extend Vegas and remembering the article that said she went to Hawaii to think about whether or not to extend. I think she broke up with Charlie for that reason too. So here judgement will not be clouded. I don't see a world tour but I think she may extend Vegas or concentrate on TV or film.
  9. Check out @yashashley's Tweet: https://twitter.com/yashashley/status/617416284720869376?s=09
  10. I'm sure it will..but she is so much better than this story. I'm happy that the media is checkin for her but I rather it be for something amazing.
  11. She needs to post something great like a swimsuit shoot or working on new music. Something to distract from this mess of a story.
  12. He recently followed a Britney fan on Instagram. I'm thinking maybe she wrote something nice to him so he followed her. I just think there maybe hope for them two.
  13. If not I believe she already has someone else. Same thing happened with David. Before news broke they broke up she was too happy. Now she is happy, and I'm happy for her. But since when has she just stayed friends with her exes? Jason maybe but I do believe he is actually a friend of the family. Charlie prob sending back like I didn't know I was loved this much by her fan base. The posts he's getting on Instagram, while some are rude and mean..others tell him to fight for her.
  14. I'm starting to think so too..maybe they did split and was working it out then media picked up on it and ran with it and knowing Britney's team they are using it for publicity just to keep her name out there till her Vegas show comes back. It's became easier for Britney to go unnoticed now so she can still be with him and meet up until we see them together again when they are ready.
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