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  1. circus reminds me of a western...ff reminds me of a Miami night club
  2. You can't read and u can't comprehend
  3. And I'm not sorry it's human nature
  4. And I'm not sorry it's human nature
  5. Chile ain't that the truth Did I have a point of view? Oops I didn't know I couldn't speak my mind
  6. I don't think she will...but she'll get close
  7. I said anything I DIDNT list was the worst...I like the songs I listed ik they are the best
  8. You clearly didn't read it u can't comprehend
  9. Yassssssss I idc if she slay the charts I just wanna be slayed as a fan
  10. It's relevant here huntee it's so cool to kind of bond over the music b/c lately there's been nothin to scream home about...I need some new music and my pussy is thirsty however I get turned off when I think of bj I can't have another one of those or Idk if I can deal with no tv performances or promo
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