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  1. It's been a while...since I've posted here..so long that my acct was made inactive...took forever to get back on...but I'm so glad I kept at it...this is not a user-friendly site by the way. Britney is looking more beautiful than ever.
  2. I'm shocked ....but I agree with M90 post.....total truth spilling right there.
  3. WOW! SHE LOOKS AMAZING!!! The entire Spears family is good looking...take about blessed and highly favored...lol
  4. Mario is fine as hell...he could get it....no prob. Hope Britney wore that big dick out....but I've always heard that he was closeted gay. Who knows.
  5. This stupid shit again!?!? really OP? You primarily BitchHaven posters all reek of moronic cuntiness...it's such a foul odor...stomach turning to be honest. Always bitching and moaning about something. Why don't you take your ratchet ass on back to Flopheavy...stay with your own kind....and take Kara, blackoutzone and Samerre with you... .
  6. Britney credited her Dad for saving her life in 2007 and has nothing but love and appreciation for all her tight knit family...calling her Dad filthy names would not be congratulated by Brit...that kind of cheap shot is only worthy of those human shit-stains flopdan and his fisting buddy Shit Lughead. All your attacking of Jamie controlling thing makes me wonder if some of you prefer buck wild Brit vs. A bit censored but happy and healthy Britney. Unlike the majority of celeb parent-gers Jamie does what is best for is "little girl". Next time you watch FTR or IMBJ special....pay close attention when she refers to her "daddy"....she loves her Father.The public knows shit all of the fine print of the C-ship and it ain't our business anyways. Stay in your own lane boo...
  7. a gazillion shady, negative or complaining post? I notice that about OP awhile back....There have been so many posted I had to double check that I hadn't logged into exfail my mistake.
  8. hmmm....I lurked at exfail for a looooonnnngggg time...I do recall your user's name as one of the worst shade offenders against Britney. I may be wrong (I don't think so) but why are calling people out for calling you out? And I'm definitely side eyeing your defenders...aka known too shade Britney posters.
  9. Why is this thread here?? For what purpose do we need a 2nd thread about that stupid ass shirt? I'm dumbfounded that people think they are truly stanning for Brit by defending that damn picture on that shirt. It's down rightmoronic to that Britney don't care about this...she wasn't being a rebel or badass you nitwits...she was in pain! How is it that you people don't get that? I'm done talking about this mess...other then to say...if you get the chance to meet her...would you want to be caught wearing that shirt?
  10. Don't know why but that made me laugh so hard.....although no lies detected...they remind me of my sister and I...we ride or die too....just like sister Spears.
  11. IKR...I wondered abt that too....he better be fucking nice to her....JT is still out of the Country on tour right? If not and he's in NYC then I wouldn't put it pass him to try and be there to get a look at the QUEEN.
  12. Britney's "People shave their heads all the time" comment was her being facetious ...that was not a subject she wanted to talk about. People acting looks that shirt is somehow edgy and iconic sound incredibly stupid. Why say you like the shirt and you're Brit biggest fan? Doesn't make sense does it. It's like you know that shirt mess is shady but hey it's okay that I like it because I'm her greatest fan....***big fucking eyeroll***
  13. So cute....she looks and sounds like a teenager...with her teeny tiny self....dead at that pink scooter....gotta love this woman.
  14. #1. That shirt is a damn abomination...it's Britney most unflattering pic...from the saddest period of her life. #2. I doubt Britney would find it humorous...and why would a "fan" think it a cool tee??? #3. Miley Cyrus will forever be a POS fugly ass loser for even posting that mess. I don't consider her a true Britney fan.
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