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  1. tab1993


    Does anyone know of any songs circulating right now? There havent been any leaks lately
  2. I was just pointing out the similarities between the two. They both changed the way they sing for their labels. Her vocals on glory were nowhere near as powerful as they were in the BOMT era. I'm not saying she can't sing. I'm simply stating the obvious, which is that she doesn't sound the same as she used to. I think when she's ready she'll speak on it. However there are many similarities between the two. If some of you do some research and listen to some Shania twain songs between 1993 and 2004 I think you'll understand why I posted this
  3. I've been thinking about it for days. I've never seen them compares before. I feel like Britney lip syncs all her performances so she does permanently damage her voice like Shania has.
  4. I've recently been listening to a lot of Shania Twain, and I've noticed the change in her voice between her albums. She uses different voice than her first album than she did on the rest. Do you think Britney has disphonia?
  5. Is this the original MATM? http://www.woo55.com/play/7969/14-me-against-the-music-(no-madonna)-(bonus-track)--(www-songslover-com)-mp3
  6. Did anyone else notice near the end of DYWCO when she looked down. It looked like she thought she had a wardrobe malfunction lmao!!
  7. She looks like she's legitimately enjoying herself. All the haters On here can go straight to ??.
  8. http://www.gossipcop.com/britney-spears-iheartradio-music-festival-video-2016-performance-watch/
  9. I make fanmade albums. I take some of the bonus tracks and mix them with the unreleased tracks to make new albums. Autumn Goodbye: 1.Autumn Goodbye 2. Deep In My Heart 3. Heart 4. I'll Never Stop Loving You 5. I'm So Curious 6. You Got It All 7. Love The Hurt Away 8. Girl In The Mirror 9. Walk On By Now And Then: 1. She'll Never Be Me 2. Rockstar 3. I Run Away 4. Mad Love 5. Am I A Sinner 6. Intimidated 7. Before The Goodbye 8. Right Now 9. The Answer 10. Don't Hang Up 11. When I Found You 12. When I Say So Original Doll: 1. My Prerogative 2. Do Somethin 3. Mona Lisa 4. I've Just Begun 5. Over To You Now 6. Someday 7. And Then We Kiss 8. Chaotic 9. Guilty 10. Welcome To Me 11. Look Who's Talking Now 12. Love 2 Love You 13. Girls & Boys 14. Strangest Love 15. Money Love & Happiness 16. Ouch 17. Prep Show 18. Conscience Whiteout: 1. Get Back 2. Pull It 3. Kiss You All Over 4. 911 5. State Of Grace 6. Hooked On 7. Out Of This World 8. Everyday 9. Baby Boy 10. Let Go 11. All That She Wants 12. Dramatic 13. Get It 14. Sippin On 15. Rebellion (Outro) Can You Handle Mine 1. Abroad 2. Dangerous 3. 3 4. Phonography 5. Quicksand 6. Amnesia 7. Telephone 8. Rock Boy 9. Trouble 10. Rock Me In 11. This Kiss Up N' Down: 1. Up N' Down 2. Selfish 3. Scary 4. Don't Keep Me Waiting 5. Unbrokem 6. Pleasure You 7. He About To Lose Me 8. Burning Up 9. Don't Keep Me Waiting (Acoustic)
  10. I don't believe that. Just wait till B10... Don't count her out just yet ?
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