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  1. Where did you get that?? Spill sis!
  2. I can't believe I was on the other side of the stage. xD I actually took a poster home just like the one Britney is standing in front off. Its huge.
  3. I'm glad you all liked my write up.
  4. Hey everyone, Just wanted to stop by and share my Piece Of Me experience if anyone cares to find out how it went. So I had booked my vacation and gotten my tickets at the start of the summer for the Nov 5th Piece Of Me show, only to find out a week before that it was going to also be Britney Day in Vegas at the Linq. (Score) I was very excited for this, not to mention the show. I arrived on Monday night at Vegas alongside by boyfriend, tired but ready to experience Vegas the next day! I started my adventure Tuesday and did a number of things up and down the strip. I was very excited because the city was filled with Britney adverts for POM and the city just loved Britney. My hotel was actually across the street from Planet Hollywood, I was very happy for this fact because it was very convenient in traveling back to leave our stuff and go see the show later by the night. We went to Madame Tussauds Wax museum and of course took pictures with Britney! Just this had me very excited, they obviously had Britney in the "A-List" room alongside Brad Pitt, and Angelina Jolie to name a few like a star (and not in the room with singers like Katy/Beyoncé/Gaga) . They had the wax doll displayed where it belonged on top of the a stage in the middle for everyone to see. I did a few other things and got to see the Divas Las Vegas show at night, I mainly wanted to see Derrick Barry but he wasn't performing that night, but still highly recommend it, Frank Marino is hilarious as Joan Rivers and the other drag queens are very entertaining & not to mention sweet. We where sitting in the middle section and brought us down to a more comfy main booth at the floor so we where closer, which was very nice of them. So the next day was Britney Day! Around the Linq hotel they had giant screens promoting "Britney Day Nov 5th. @ 5:30 PM", I was so excited to see this. We actually made our way to the stage at around 1 PM to see a few people already there. We where quickly approached by a nice fellow in a suit who asked us if we where there to see Britney and if we where big fans (He must've noticed my Britney tank top lol) We told him that we where and he walked us to the giant pink letters that spelt out "Britney" and took a picture of us, telling us that Britney might see it later that day as they had a social media screen on stage displaying Britney themed pics shared through Twitter. The gentlemen who I can't for the life of me remember his name right now also gave us each a black Britney store bag, inside they each had a "Hi My Name Is Britney" white shirt, and two pairs of tickets to ride the High Roller for free. This was very sweet and got us very excited! While we waited we where just having fun and talking as we listened to Britney tunes that played all throughout the area for everyone to hear. We spoke with other fans who where also waiting alongside us. Let me just say as a person who really does not know any other huge Britney stan's in real life it was a treat to be able to talk so freely about Britney, and her music, and her team, and if she's gonna wear extensions or not without having to worry about being annoying or sounding stupid. lol So anyway, the area slowly started filling up and we had a music group come out to rehearse. Apparently they where going to come on right after Britney left the stage. But I didn't know this at first, they set up the microphones three on the side, and one up front. I legit thought that Britney was going to sing live. I'm such a delusional fan. lol I mentioned it to the poor girl next to me and she was like "that would be so great", sorry if I got your hopes up girl. The band rehearsed and again left the stage. So we continue to wait around and who happens to walk up to the area? Mr. Derrick Barry. I of course walk up to him and ask him if we could take a picture, he was nice enough and agreed. His friend Nick San Pedro or whatever took it for us. We continue to wait and who other than Larry Rudolph appears on stage, the fans begin cheering and screaming, Britney must be close right? I see him talking to a few other people and he looks around to the fans, as they continue cheering and asking for selfies, and he literally does not even crack a smile and suddenly heads backstage. He seemed sorta douchey to me, in that "i'm above you" way, if I am being honest) The time passed so slowly and eventually the sun was setting, it was like 4:30ish and we got an announcer, he started hyping us up about Britney coming out, started naming all the awards she's collected throughout the years and how in less than an hour we where going to have the one and only miss Britney Spears standing in the middle of the stage. Everyone was super hyped up now, including me as we waited. 5:25ish came around and we where told that Britney was on the premises and was getting closer, we all burst into cheers. Right on time we had Las Vegas show girls start coming out, they performed a number and a second set of girls came out with huge feathers covering the one and only Britney. I felt such an utter rush, knowing how close I was, literally just like across the barricade was my idol. The girls released the boas and out came Britney! It was so surreal seeing her so close to me. I was on the right side of the stage, and Britney was standing in the middle, and as you guys probably saw in the videos she was accompanied by many people on stage. The announcer was blocking my view, I wanted him to just move back a few to get a better view. I also had some annoying queens behind me who randomly appeared trying to take my spot (you can hear them in the video screaming) even though I had been there since 1 PM and secured my spot. I'm going to be honest, Britney seemed very nervous and I am sure they wanted her to be with as many people on stage as possible to have her be less nervous, but she stumbled her words a few times still and just seemed sorta stiff at times, but it was still great to see her. We all screamed for her to at least walk over our way and wave but she didn't, they announced that all the girls (and boys???) named Britney on the left side who where in a "Britney VIP section" where going to get to ride the High Roller with Britney. She raced out of there to the back even though we all called for her to at least look over to us. I feel she's truly scared of us all and this becomes more apparent later on. I was a bit disappointed that she never came over to us but I got over it as my bf mentioned that we had gotten Britney shirts and the high roller tickets so we might be able to get on with her! I literally grabbed his arm and started cutting through the crowd like a mad man, making my way to the high roller. On our way there I run into Britney impersonator Katie Gunther who performs as Britney at the Flamingo in Vegas in the Legends show. She was super sweet and we snapped a quick selfie. As we get there, I show the tickets to the guard who tells me that without a pink wrist band I cannot get in. I was so upset, the pink wrist band was given to the people named Britney and those who accompanied them. Other girls actually named Britney where not allowed to get on because they where not wearing the white shirt since they had run out. I told Katie how they where not letting people in, she was in full Toxic diamond suit apparel and Britney makeup, she looked at me, winked and smiled and was like "what do you mean not let me in? I am Britney!" She walked over to the guard and she too was denied entry, I felt bad. I walked back up to the guard and once again asked him if I could please go in but he shook his head once again. A girl with a wrist band asked my bf for his shirt and he was nice enough to lend it to her, and she got to go up. From what I was told by that same girl, the people inside the high roller who consisted of "Derrick Barry", his friends, the young boy who stans for Gaga and does the stupid poses and a few other fan girls started getting a little crazy as Britney walked over and she stood in front of the high roller and simply took a pic with them and left. Now I don't really know if Britney never got on because they where in fact being crazy, or if it was never a plan to have Britney actually go up with them in the high roller at all. I don't think Britney going up a ball with 40 strangers was ever gonna happen in the first place, but that's just me. The fans who went up where all really upset and felt cheated, but honestly they got to take a group selfie with Britney on top of the high roller, I never even got to go up. Suck it up babys. So after the Britney Day experience we raced over to our hotel room and changed clothes and raced over to Planet Hollywood. We get in line and are eventually inside the Axis's main lobby and raced over to the line as we where GA right and we def did not want to have a lot of people in front of us. We had a security guard tell us to watch our step as we went down to the stage. Right before they let us in I got myself a margarita in the Britney POM cup, its so cute. I just wanted the cup tbh. We are let in and the stage is not as big as I expected, at all! Its actually quite personal, which I liked. We line up and are literally like an arms length away from the ramp. I was super excited about this, and we wait as the show is about to start. We have another security who tells us that we can take pictures without the flash and no videos (righhhttttt lol). The opening video of the show was SO cute, I loved how they got a girl who looked just like Britney at a young age from the back, very realistic. I loved the idea behind it. When Work Bitch began playing and she started coming out I felt such a rush, like it was so surreal to me. Seeing my idol, this person right before my very eyes. I am not going to get into to much detail about the show because I have already written enough lol and a lot of people write detail reports on the show. All I am just going to say is that the videos online DO NOT do it justice. Britney is working her ass off, I am sure this and every night. You just don't understand how hard she works until you see her first hand running off into the dark as numbers end to change and whatnot. She is dancing hard, she looks super fit and beautiful. Though you can tell she has had work done more so in person, she looks beautiful and her smile can really light up a room. I loved everything about the show and would go again everynight if I could. If you have not seen it, please go see it as soon as possible! Of course the only thing I wish, as many other fans is that she would at least sing Perfume & Everytime live. Aside from that its a great show, and everyone who have seen it really love it. Even my boyfriend who is not her biggest fan really did enjoy the show. Thank you for reading. Check out more vids on my channel Note: I actually saw Wendy Williams in H&M wearing a crusty blonde weave lol I wanted to ask her for a pic and give her a briefing on Britney but she had two huge bodyguards alongside her lol
  5. She looks beautiful but a bit older than her real age. Shes veryyy tiny & skinny, pics dont do her justice.
  6. Yesss holy shitttt, she was perfffff! Where you at The Linq also??
  7. I was at the show too, golden circle right!
  8. I keep calling The Linq to see what time she'll be there. I will be running frim The Linq when she leaves to Planet Hollywood. One girl told me shes gonna perform (doubt it) and another says shes gonna ride the Linq.
  9. Thank you guys, I really appreciate your comments!!
  10. I'll be going to watch POM on Britney day Nov 5th, I also want to see her at The Linq. I called and they told me she was performing but they obviously don't know Britney lol
  11. If I could find a loose red leather tank top & red leather pants ill rock the red on red look lol
  12. Haha I have a plan already, but its kinda basic & not many ppl know. I wanna do something very original.
  13. So i'm going to go see Britney in November, i'm very excited! Anyway my bf & I usually make up costumes to rock to the concerts inspired somewhat by the artist. Like for Gaga we did some like gods type outfits. And for Katy we did some funky prism 90s like outfits. Anywho for Britney hes gonna do a MATM Britney inspired tuxedo outfit. I however cannot come up with an outfit idea that people will get that its suppose to be Britney inspired. Like what popular costumes do y'all think I should do? I am a boy so its sorta difficult.
  14. No, just performances and mv and old school interviews. Just a little hobby to pass the time.