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  1. RT @BoardBritney: Quanto Britney Spears faturou com os streams do Glory? https://t.co/v3XLa8HYuo https://t.co/iMqvEgEgmd

  2. RT @hitmebomt: She looks confident and doesn’t look nervous anymore. I feel like we got the old her. 😘 https://t.co/Den4Jdjd1r

  3. RT @jtvres: vo tenta https://t.co/ij43oizkYo

  4. RT @orodsdejornal: AS OUTRAS SÓ TENTAM, MORES https://t.co/4GuvDlfUpE

  5. RT @BoardBritney: Compositora ganha processo sobre ter acusado Will I Am de ter roubado 'Scream and Shout' https://t.co/EOeWpGJhQR https://…

  6. Gente não da pra escolher três dessa biblia. Eu coloco a tracklist toda, tirando Private Bomba https://t.co/LLP1XSji3R

  7. RT @britneyspears: Heaven gained a beautiful angel this week with the passing of Christopher Metsker. His strength and fighting spirit was…

  8. Novo clipe de Cupcakke tem referência a Britney Spears https://t.co/FcOeRYCBgY https://t.co/NH6d4AbaUq

  9. RT @britneyspears: ⭐️⭐️ ?: Mark Seliger https://t.co/nRBkQC133x

  10. RT @JeanSpearss2: Já agradeceram por Britney Spears hoje? https://t.co/vvDNrpKtvq

  11. RT @BoardBritney: Campanha da Kenzo com Britney Spears começa no dia 20 https://t.co/sz4BlgFvti https://t.co/cqQy2wBvHY

  12. Ouça e faça o download de 'Red Hot Lipstick', música descartada do Blackout https://t.co/nf7mBpGqwB https://t.co/ln4ncBRz01

  13. Em entrevista, Ian Kirkpatrick fala sobre como foi trabalhar com Britney https://t.co/2QWUphixrC https://t.co/zxmRiMs6iZ

  14. RT @britneyspears: just give me a kiss, like this #tbt https://t.co/q4PaPhm2X3

  15. A The Onyx Hotel Tour completou 14 anos e Till the World Ends completou 7 anos. #britneyspears https://t.co/Vhps0lRHfY

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