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  1. I've preordered it. Pretty expensive for an album with 4,5 songs sang by Britney... but the cover is one of her best album cover
  2. Don't panic. They will not control your Id Except if you have a weird behavior
  3. If you have a normal ticket, they will not ask you your ID card. I already seen concert in Paris, they never ask. They can't do that for 20000 tickets NOw if it's a VIP package, the chek-in is not really done by AccordHotelsArena. For the Femme Fatale tour,it was Britney's team (Felicia) but they never ask my ID,
  4. Full performance Omg Britney loves to surprise us lately People in this POM show were really blessed by the touch of Godney
  5. OMFG, first live vocals in years I wasn't ready, I'm so happy It reminds me the way she used her voice for her first album, especially FTBOMBH. She really should sing like that for her next record. She still got it. I love her so much
  6. I'm sure she sings live sometimes, but with her mic off And how can she explains that
  7. OMG Britney lip syncs Honestly, I think this should stay taboo, this is kinda awkward to tell that she lipsyncs sometimes and sings the rest of the time At least, I like her interviews for Israel, she sounds more honest and natural
  8. Ordered. It was definitely the moment to have my physical copy I'll probably never listen to this CD but at least my albums collection will be complete
  9. I care about this re-arranged tracklist as much as Britney cares about it
  10. WHAT?!! I've never noticed that (actually I've never bought a physical copy... yet ) Britney should definitely change her team, there's always something wrong
  11. What a dissapointment... Actually I didn't expect anything At least, we finally have a real M4A version of Mood Ring and not a rip What the point of moving Do You Wanna Come Over at n°2 (hint for single n°3.... )
  12. Come on people, don't expect anything special Most of the time "tour edition" is not a live album of the tour. Most of the time it's b-sides and official remixes. So it probably will be : Mood Ring + Make Me and Slumber party remixes. Here some examples Katy Perry "One of the Boys" Australian tour edition https://itunes.apple.com/au/album/one-of-the-boys-australia-tour-edition/id716372497 Maroon 5 'V' Asia Tour Edition https://itunes.apple.com/la/album/v-asia-tour-edition/id996005664 But the cover is way better than the original
  13. The Slumber Party video is close to be the number 1 but BBMA is definitely my favorite Britney's moment The Apple Music Festival too (it was not her best show but it's so good to have a high quality version of "POM") And of course Glory And her UK promo (Jonathan Ross + Loose women) was also great
  14. It was on the radio today in Belgium. Just after George Michael, they said the princess of pop was dead I almost have a heart attack What a disgusting joke
  15. I agree. I like Private Show, the vocals are great (maybe not when she yells Private Show but the rest is great). I always want to do a lap-dance when I listen to PS
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