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  1. I never liked Beyonce. But the way she's acting lately... I don't know. I also wonder if I dislike it because I can't stand her or because it really is just too much. She acts like she's the first pregnant woman ever! And then her outfits. Nope, I don't like it all. And then Adele gives her all this praise. Seriously? She's getting enough praise already.
  2. True! One of the many reasons I love her so much.
  3. To me this shows that she's really in a good place right now. When you wear things like that it's because you feel good and confident. So glad there's no more Herve Leger. The things she's wearing know reminds me so much of the "old" Britney. Not afraid to try something special, like that black train. I found it funny that the media said she wore "nothing but underwear" on the red carpet. I thought she was rather covered up compared to the clothes you see these days on the red carpet.
  4. Funny because I was thinking that it felt way more than only 6 years. What a day it was. I remember being so incredibly nervous for her. Was dissapointed with the audience (I guess everyone was). She looked incredible that day.
  5. Hmmm, when Vegas started I was thinking about going but then those 2 years went by so quickly. The fact some of the legs were not the best Britney may had something to do with that. But now she seems to do fine and so I could see this as a new chance.
  6. In a way I agree. But I never had that feeling with Britney. When you look at Demi Levato and Ariana Grande for example, for me, they look like 12, heavy make-up or not.
  7. I always liked a high ponytail. I think it's sexy. But she already did it better. Overall it's perfection: her body, the make-up, her smile. She looks a m a z i n g ! ! I wanted a dress with some color and we got that too so I really can't complain (although her boobs seem a little bit squashed)
  8. That her new album is released tomorrow and that she's planning a new world tour.
  9. Some color would be great. Her dress at the TCA's was already different for her so now I hope she wears something red or so.
  10. 4 years already! Wow, I had no idea! I still try to forget that happened but how can you forget such thing! I can't believe Britney or her team agreed with that stupid idea.
  11. After the 2013 pca's I expected her to wear something from him again sooner or later. I can see why she likes his style. And I'm glad she went for a completely different style this time.
  12. Very good question. I noticed her weird expression right away. At first I didn't know what to think about it but now this crossed my mind: she knew she had to get on stage and do a little speech so maybe she was already very nervous and thinking about that speech, that she obviously rehearsed. So mabye she was more like "Ok, let's get this over and done with". I don't know any other explanation. Maybe she just didn't know how to react. Clapping for yourself is a little weird but of course a smile would have been better. But in the end, we all know Britney doesn't like being praised. She just doesn't understand that people admire her or look at her as this big celebrity.
  13. The more I look at that gif the better it gets. Her expression is everything.
  14. I forgot to say that I loooove her shoes. No, they're not special but they remind me of the style she used to wear in the past. It elongates her legs like crazy and that's exactly what she needs.
  15. It just isn't cool for them to admit they like something Britney wears. Even if she wears something good they won't say it. And if someone else (a so called fashion icon) wears something that's just "ok" they will praise it though. That's the way it goes. I do agree that Britney has a special style (some will say she has no style at all). But at least she's not the one to wear big designer every day. It doesn't take much talent to do that anyway.
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