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  1. 😂😂 https://t.co/VDBHCv2G3o

  2. RT @felycemusic: J'ai ajouté une vidéo à une playlist @YouTube - FELYCE - Tied Down [Official Audio] https://t.co/sc7REVdfzz

  3. @LanaDelRey the future looks dark and pointless without a Cherry music video honey

  4. What an iconic goddess https://t.co/Sh5YMQ4arK

  5. RT @forbritbrit: Interviewer: What’s your most valuable skill ? Me : https://t.co/tA5YF5mbRb

  6. RT @army_britneys: [email protected] x @kenzo has taken over Paris. ✨?? #kenzolovesbritney https://t.co/s3uCUZyWFZ

  7. A semi-hit https://t.co/aNvpa29Lxr

  8. nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn https://t.co/b4VeaXyen3

  9. Honteux ces nouveaux détectives de Twitter. Occupez-vous de votre vie

  10. RT @InStyle: [email protected] is the new face of @Kenzo and the photos are ???. https://t.co/mksytsziVW

  11. @ShadyBstvnz lol

  12. @VegasneyBitch @britneyspears Janet Jackson mais j'ai oublié laquelle

  13. #NowPlaying #BlackBeauty @LanaDelRey one of her best songs

  14. @HoodScrilla Azealia Banks went off in this vid

  15. RT @LanaDelReyKids: Lana at the Vanity Fair / Apple Music viewing party for the Oscars with HAIM https://t.co/qIP4nBh09A

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