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  1. thank you I'll try to do the entire show but I need new videos for that so I'll have to wait the others legs
  2. Hey everything ok? I have posted my other video for slave 4 u some time ago and now I came here to post my new video for work bitch performance in vegas, so hope you enjoy because it gave me a lot of work (bitch) lol
  3. I have three others on my channel and I pretend to make more
  4. Thank you, I'll probably post another on the next week it will be work bitch or 3
  5. Thanks you for the tips, unfortunately it's so hard to find a great variety of angles of the same day show, and because of this I have to mix others days and have the hair problem, on the first leg was more easy to edit because it almost didn't change. :bigsmile: The angles things I do because I think that bring more life to the performance, but too because of the stabilization, on shorts clips it's more easy to have great results. But thank you I'll try to get better
  6. Hey y'all I'm new around here I made some edits from vegas show and some of you can recognize my videos, and after a long time without edit anything I'm back with a slave 4 u video, hope you enjoy my work, I have other performances on my youtube channel Thank you
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