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  1. I need this song in POM. I wouldn't mind the EXACT same performance as this, coz 2016ney could bring it to a whole new level
  2. All That She Wants - SOO Underated, fits her voice perfectly and uses a classic Sample known by the public Baby Boy LET GO - AMAZING, Raw,
  3. Maybe Womanizer - Circus Tour too. And Ooh Ooh Baby/Hot As Ice & Me Against The Music
  4. Baby One More Time - Circus Tour Toxic - Circus Tour .... and I'll be Happy!!
  5. Since I'm hoping this album will be all HER, and her taking control... I'd love for her to finally get her "Original Doll" album released!
  6. I don't understand why she's not going to Paris though! The fashion capital of the world.... the biggest Fashion Week!????
  7. Ever since I heard Brit was going to London, i had hidden hope that she would go on a talk show like the last time (Alan Carr). But I think (not sure) that Alan Carr's show is the only chat show on around the time she's in London. I was hoping for Graham Norton, but I don't think he has a series around that time. PLUS, in America. One late night Show & an Interview on ELLEN would be Perfect! I love these Interviews compared to the 2 minute chip/chop edited interviews we always get.
  8. In the Video Perez posted you can just catch the end of Britney and the crowd saying "Booo". But is there any video of her actually saying, "As you all know, my boyfriend cheated on me...." I'd LOVE to see/hear that, Someone surely got it on video?
  9. Just Imagine if Britney came back with a surprise new song for a re-release of Britney Jean and it was something like Get Back, 911 or even Everybody!? The sexy, throbbing beats, the amazing sexy, soothing voice with the Attitude!! Throw in Nicki Minaj (just cos I'm loving her atm & cos she would fit this type of song) THIS would make my dreams come true because the General Public really haven't heard that side to Britney (not since Gimme More at least) and I think that's best-suited to her. Also because the public might be kinda shocked by her "change" in genres. How would ya'll feel about something like this? What would be your ideal NEXT Single?