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  1. Don't hear it tbh. That during "let it happen" sounds more like the person filming singing along
  2. in the past there were better ones but I see the resemblance here. there were really amazing ones for sims 2. i'm still undecided whether to get it right away or not. I'm still mad there won't be toddlers in sims 4. i liked toddlers more than the child age group :X
  3. So wait, most of you left exhale to avoid these comments and "non fans", yet you bother to check there and then even c/p and bring that stuff up here as well? Makes totally sense..... Anyways, what I find more horrible are the people in this fanbase that photoshop her pictures...even candids. It's unnecessary and weird.
  4. Oh brit brit...you and your tacky clothing choices.... but she looks relaxed and happy and see, she's still with David.
  5. I understand his reaction and everything but by bringing it up again and again he probably won't get a chance to work with her again anyways. The same goes for danja.I do think Will.I.Am and her team are to blame for changes in direction on BJ but idk about the rushed thing. It was a stupid idea to schedule an album at the same time preparing for a vegas residency yes..but after the start of the residency wouldn't have been better as well. And her priority #1 are her kids and I think that she only has a certain amount of time she wants to work anyways. I'd say Orbit would have to be really flexible to be EP on her next album. It's not like she wants or can do all-nighters to get a song right etc.
  6. Now that the residency has begun she's not allowed to perform anywhere else in North America. (Though it would be interesting to know whether they count a performance at e.g. an award show or if that would be an exception)Before the residency....it might have been related to Vegas but also at the same time for her benefit and her decision. I think that she feels more uncomfortable before a crowd that isn't mostly made up of her fans. The general public is much harsher on her than we are. I remember that those promo performances for femme fatale were critized. Imo that's also why the only award show performances we've had in the recent years are those two short co-performances at the billboard awards where she joined someone else on stage. So with BJ she might not have wanted to do a performance to give others room to criticise her again and her team might have agreed with that choice because a performance affects the vegas sales. So that's the connection to vegas imo. I don't believe that she wasn't allowed to do promo performances at all...because from that one interview we know he said that she was exclusive to vegas in north america..but why didn't she perform during her london trip then?
  7. The problem is that I wouldn't be so sure that it would be sooooo different with other labels though. E.g. avril, jlo, miley etc. are willing to do performances, world tours, promote a lot and so on. Why would other labels invest in a new album and be okay with her making an album but not do the other stuff that much? Like in the end it's a business that wants $$$
  8. I think they are not willing to invest more money in the bj era when they know it won't generate that much revenue. Which sucks for us as fans but in a way it's a understandable business decision. She wouldn't promote it more than she promoted work bitch or perfume and they saw how successful these two were. Because of vegas she might even promote it less. as for Avril and JLo: they both aren't RCA artists. Avril is signed by LA Reid's Epic records now and JLo was at some point at Epic but idk where she's now at. I only know it's not RCA