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Rita F

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  1. Where did you get that photo? I'm gonna steal from you
  2. She looks a Barbie in that pic! So perfect!
  3. What is your wallpaper photo of your mobile phone, computer or other electronic device? I'm just curious and I'm thinking about changing my wallpaper, I want some ideas Mine is this: Give me ideas
  4. Ask her if she also hates breatheheavy and if she loves galaxy ;D Kidding, just tell her that you love her, since when you are a fan and how much she changes your life! You can ask if her kids are okay our what's her favorite performance, song, whatever. Just enjoy that precious moment with her!! Don't forget to do a funny pose with her and hug her in the end! Good Luck! Send her a kiss for all the fans!
  5. That's a good point of view.. I hope she signs a contract as soon as possible or maybe she sign again with RCA.. A Diva like her can't be without a contract!! And I want more music.. and a new WWT so.. she better work and sign with someone..