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  1. It was dry! The song selections where popping, but it missed energy. Lowkey was hoping Janet Jackson poped out last night to redeem herself from what JT did to her career. Britney needs to perform soon
  2. She needs to come to Chicago!!! ?
  3. look at the comment section of this video lol there's many fans that heard it in the radio back then. I remember a B96 interview about this but I can't find it lol
  4. Lmao yassss! Could of used a better photo to really show that ass ?
  5. Wow! I was screaming watching work bitch!!!!!! I'm shooketh, i couldn't but keep saying yaassssssssssssss and singing. The angles and the editing made her look epic ??? I know when I saw her come to Chicago in 2016 I was so hyped hearing those 2 songs live
  6. Fact!!! Even when you record something for yourself only you get a certain feeling watching it again as to other people. I know from personal experience
  7. I just followed you ??
  8. This album had potential if certain songs weren't so EDM mainstream, kinda wanted some acoutic vibes
  9. I enjoyed reading the article! i remember waiting anticipating for the album to come out and how geeked out. Its crazy to think I was only in my early teens during that time
  10. @naruball they have baby one more time, can't remember what year tho lol