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  1. Seriously interesting choices here!! Baby One More Time obviously TTWE Get Naked Slave Quicksand Lonely Overprotected Circus What It's Like To Be Me Break the Ice
  2. What It's Like to Be Me is one of my favorite Britney songs ever!!! So this is hard! MATM has some of my favorite choreography Not judging but lol at Chillin Wit You getting any votes. It's a cute song but
  3. This knee injury ended so many great things!!! The Outrageous video, the Onyx Hotel Tour, and because of it we didn't get and choreography for My Prerogative!!! (Even though that video is incredibly amazing) Love that at least we have these shitty videos of it
  4. Or maybe people are just speaking their opinions. If you get on everyone's case about it like a Nazi, people are gonna leave.And at people defending smoking. It's so gross, I'm watching my step father currently go through chemo from small cell lung cancer from smoking. And yes that tiny cigarette in her hand does definitely just make the whole image of her not look great. I hope we see more candids of her without it and looking so fresh like she has recently. Legs look fab though
  5. This is INCREDIBLE!!!! Want Britney's version!!!
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