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  1. I didn't leak it, but I did have the file. Sad that this is out...I didn't even send it to anyone. OH WELL.
  2. Not gonna be Britney. I don't think her contract would allow/permit.
  3. Uh, no. Are you even qualified to call things out for being fake? Out of all of the bull-shit that spams this forum, you're calling an actual bounce from a recording session from one of the producers fake...log out kid.
  4. Yoo I need the download for the new Telephone version.

  5. this actually has been available for quite a while. it's ripped from a rare promo CD
  6. Remember this!??? I Went to Oops tour & VIVIDLY remember this!
  7. MEGABUMP. Holy shit guys! I read 3 pages of inspirational and awesome posts!! Had no idea so many of you were early fans as myself!! So righteous! Now here's a big question...did any of you happen to get video while you were at one of her early concerts? (1998-2002)
  8. Is anybody else here a 1998 and up follower and fan? It seems like a lot of you on here are blackout-and up ... and it scares me...y'all didn't see homegirl at her greatest. Y'all missed some of her greatest performances (VMAS 2000, EMA 1999, and etc...) and for the love of god Crazy2k Tour, it was amazing. I saw Britney in toronto mall in 1998...Tell me if you saw her early on her career and if you did, any cool experiences?
  9. It was a press conference for BOMT in Japan, this was Britney's first visit there!
  10. @@Goten21 Do you always believe everything you read? Pigs can fly & Myah doesn't sing any vocals on BJ. lol. except not. not a vocal warmup it's her take oh and britney doesn't sing "Not Alone, Not Alone, Not alone" at all in the song, it's Myah
  11. Britney Spears - Perfume (Unplugged)
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