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  1. Happy Birthday JodieeB!tch!

  2. Yup... Ellen says "is it britney spears" and he say's yes :/ lol Brits not going to be happy
  3. When she mentions Britney, he goes bright red
  4. JodieeB!tch

    I'm Pregnant

    against abortion unless good reason.. learn to put a helmet on the little fellas
  5. Gurl... I contour and highlight and it does not make your nose suddenly smaller in size. It makes it look thinner, yes. we all know she had rhinoplasty done. It's obvious.
  6. its in his book, "big superstar".. has to be brit. look at how comfortable she is round him and them too always flirting. I'd climb him like a tree. Go britney! haa
  7. She's not yet been on, Part 1 was shown for the role of Andy murray, so she could be in part 2. No idea when they're showing that though
  8. Hahaha Reading all the hot mess replies made me Lol!
  9. Want to know back in 2010 the original path that interscope paved for our very own, Iggy? Well, thanks to the lovely hackers of today, they bring you Iggy's, what would've been, first single when she first signed interscope in 2010. Enjoy this britney classic... britney inspired song!
  10. A) Her reply was FLAWLESS and B) I live for laverne. One trans sister making a positive change slowly!
  11. Tbf it's her body, not yours. If she wants something doing, thats her choice.
  12. lovemesomebritney, on 16 Jul 2014 - 01:02 AM, said: Yes and a go go dancer
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