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  1. Happy Birthday Instantfan!

  2. ...I really really like the voice overs. I think they're great for sexy, yet classy commercials. I don't find them weird at all. It's a great way to introduce the line and kind of put you into that sensual kind of mood for what you're about to view.
  3. Even if it is real, so what? Can you imagine how hard it must be for her to sing in the "Britney Spears" voice and stay in key, when that's not even the way she should be singing at all? Don't get me wrong, I love the iconic Britney voice, but we all know that it's not the proper way for her to sing, and has probably damaged her voice along the many years of using it. She sounded damn good in some parts and flat as hell in others, you try singing in a breathy yet nasally baby voice and tell me how you sound amazing at all times.
  4. OHHH, my apologies. I misunderstood your post and thought that you were trying to say that the acoustic version of Alien was all Myah, like all of it. I'm sorry, I just get really upset when I go on a Britney forum and her fans are saying she doesn't sing her songs. I don't care about the not alone part lol, I just thought you were trying to say Myah sang all of Alien just as other say Myah sang all of Passengar. I'm sorry!
  5. I hope you're joking because if not, you're an idiot. IF they did ever hire Myah, or any other singer for that matter, to sing in place of Britney, why in the FUCK would they hire someone with such a shaky voice? Like, yeah this girl has a pretty weak voice and doesn't have very much control, let's hire her! Why wouldn't they hire someone who sounded like Britney but with better control and slightly stronger vocals? I know if I were to hire someone to sing for me, I'd make sure they were perfect. This proves nothing, that remix sounds like it's been slightly pitched up. It's not Myah. Anyways, no shade to Brit. She is my god, but I'm not going to deny that she doesn't have the most powerful voice ever. And I love her for exactly what she is.
  6. Exactly! Like, in Early Mornin' the producer wasn't trying to convince us that the chorus was Britney, if very clearly isn't. Just another voice for contrast and something different.
  7. I think that you're being overly dramatic, and the HATLM chorus was never meant to be passed off as Britney, imo. It very clearly does not sound like her. She's not the first artist to not sing the chorus of her song, I think it was intentional. Maybe they never got around to finishing the chorus and decided that it was too good of a song to leave off, and that'd be why it's a bonus track.
  8. Can you imagine all of the lives slayed and the weaves snatched?!?
  9. Omfg, can you imagine if a new single titled "All The Way" went along with a Britney Jean rerelease? "Britney Jean: All The Way". It'd be everything that Britney Jean wasn't. It'd be the way BJ should have been. More personal, less EDM and more clean cut, yet edgy pop. It could have like 20 songs total, including the original tracklist but with a higher quality production, and less obvious vocal editing. Plus, it'd have a bunch of new songs to just bring the album to life and help it to slay the charts, along with real promotion to take it All The Way. Ugh, a gay boy can dream. If only Team Britney were this smart and this motivated.
  10. I agree 100%. I know almost like all of Britney's music (at least officially released music) word for word. Can you say that about your boring bands?
  11. Agreed. Like, you go listen to your fucking Mozart or whatever and leave me to my Britney. Like, nobody asked for your opinion. Go back to your cave.
  12. It's pretty good! If it were shortened a little to make it pick up the pace more, I could easily see this being a remix they'd use for a live concert. Although it's good how it is, that's just sort of what it reminded me of. Good job . Hold It Against me remains flawless.
  13. Work Bitch definitely seems live in Vegas in person, although it could just be really good prerecords. If so, good job Team Brit, just prerecord a bunch of other songs for the show and we'll be golden.
  14. Ugh, although I love the Vegas show, I wish that it was as theatrical as TCSBS. It was so amazingly spectacular in person, even though I was miles away from the front. And Brit had so much confidence. But even so, nothing will compare to being against the stage in Vegas.
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