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  1. wtf, i was waiting for pom to be over for that dvd!
  2. perfect illusion is shit, so nothing to worry about
  3. omg i was just watching those videos last night hahah they were really interesting
  4. For sure, britney is happy and thats all that matters. BUT we can t ignore this, i mean if they were gonna reshoot the video because she didnt like the first one iS OK, but at least she would have delivery a video that isnt pointless, I mean even the official perfume video is better than this! I didnt have a meltdown with gimme more but this video is just not okay. At least she have a good LP to look forward to and for what we've heard it sounds really good
  5. ikr ! also pitbull's album was delayed to september (i read an article from june i think) so yeah, maybe we can say that the album its definitely dropping next month
  6. well it also says that Usher's new album drops today but i did a little research and that album isnt out so.. i hope B9 comes out next month !! but i guess we'll have to wait and see