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  1. She's super adorable, confident, and (the word of the moment) Authentic :)
  2. She did DYWCO as well but those are the two Glory performances in POM right now. So those are the two she performed.
  3. It's the fans who are hyper-critical and don't buy. Fans are who really matter when it comes to music success for "older" artist. Fan praise and promote their favs. This fanbase puts Britney down before the GP would even get the chance. Glory didn't sell because Make me wasn't a hit. And there were a few reasons for that. It didn't get good callback numbers in middle America which left the big cities carrying the song. And that meant sells and streaming were affected which meant the big stations slowly stopped supporting the song. But really the fans were unhappy about the wait for the video and then the released video and stopped requesting. A fan push on the middle America stations would have had a big impact. Instead, we just bitched. As for the iheart performance this thread is about? I personally thought Britney was cute as can be and I loved every minute of her performance. Britney showing radio that she is strong and confident was one of the best things she can do for her future success. Britney had fun and show cased songs from each album except for my two favs But you don't see me going all meltdowny. Sure I can nit pick the setlist. if I put this performance together I would have taken either stronger/Crazy out and the Missy dance break as well. I would have had her do all of Work Bitch and Gimme More and ended with TTWEs. Or maybe even taken out both stronger/Crazy and had her perform a 3rd Glory song. But I love the songs performed and I loved seeing Britney smile doing the Missy breakdown and the dancers show off. Britney keeping herself in Vegas limited her dancers chance to perform out of it since they didn't have a lot of free time during the big events since Britney often made sure she was doing a POM date around them. Britney has really highlighted her dancers this year. And I don't see that as a bad thing. She cares about and respects them. And the lip sync is always going to be criticized but it's something the fans should just ignore within the GP discussions. And within fan discussions it should be more a encouraging her to sing live or at least asking the question of why she doesn't sing live. There really is no reason to be hyper negative about it since that isn't going to help. And imo lip syincing and prerecorded vocals are the samething. Yes, I know the value of making a performance feel live but I don't get the fans having meltdowns about it. Lip syncing is lip syncing. Any why I don't know why these threads aren't merged into a more centralized iheart thread. One person's opinion shouldn't be given extra weight of their own thread.
  4. The other voice in Mood Ring is the writer Melanie Fontana. It's only really noticeable at the end. I love the song but I think Malanie's higher voice is out of place on a bass and deep vocals track. But Britney has a Crazy good ad lib right at the end. I do wish the song was on the standard edition instead of Hard to forget ya.
  5. My favs in order Man on the moon If your dancing Make me Slumber Party Liar Just like me Just luv me Invitation Do you wanna come over Coupure Electrique Though only the top 5 have been stable. I love the whole album.
  6. They should know not to count the like as completely legit. Liar dominating at 2nd is probably a better indicator for them. I like If your dancing better though I think these polls are to engage the fans and test the waters a bit and not a certain guarantee unlike in the past. Supposedly they are doing some online testing this coming week.
  7. Scary was eventually released on the Fan edition of Femme Fatale. But it was months later. The writer of the song tweeted the following though I think she just meant wink wink people are going to download the sh-t out of it since it's soo good. I've only heard a tiny tiny snippet so I don't know if I want it a single or not.
  8. This is on it's way to an awesome performance I love it already.
  9. I love this new song. It's fun, cheeky, sexy, chill and wild. It's adorable and sexy. I think radio will love it.
  10. I think it could be the second single. Insta-grats aren't exactly free but they usually aren't the second single. I think maybe the 3rd single but Britney did add it to Vegas so maybe. I'm all for it.
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